Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 342

Last Nights Caper
We all know what I did as it's been the same as the previous few nights so no point mentioning anything.

Day 342

Ricky had a petition that he needed to be signed by six villagers from another town. I accepted his petition and planned to get signatures later on today. However I totally forgot I was going out tonight so I didn't get the chance to take the petition to anyone's town to have it signed, sorry buddy.

Hazel must've been feeling generous because she handed me a free blue gym tee. I'm not too sure but I think free items means you have a decent-ish friendship with a villager, so hopefully soon I'll get her pic. Though I'm still not sure if I want to keep Hazel in Skyfall or not... so maybe it will be good if we don't get her pic for a while, at least until I've fully decided on what to do with her.

Food was once again on the menu, this tie for Boone, who wanted a cherry. Praise the lord that Skyfall's native fruit is the cherry, so it was incredible easy for me to give him a perfect cherry, which he soon devoured, and then gave me a revolving spice rack.

To finally end my day, Chops had something that he needed to deliver to Boone... And yes, selfish Boone struck again, and rewarded me with nothing... Come on man, I gave you a perfect cherry and everything, you could've at least given me something basic like a piece of fruit...

Unrelated News
Yeah sorry this is late, I totally forgot that I organized to go out for dinner with my friends, and I was going to blog before I left and put it in the queue, but I ran out of time so I couldn't. Now I'm feeling tired so I'm gonna relax and then head off to sleep. Cya!


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