Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 343

Last Nights Caper
As I got home pretty late last night I didn't really feel like doing much else so I went off to sleep.

Day 343

First thing I went to do was find Ricky and let him know I was unable to complete his petition. He wasn't too bothered by it though, since he'd already had it completed himself. I didn't get anything in return, but at least Ricky took initiative of his own work and did it himself. Good job.

Over on the other side of town were my other villagers, specifically Benjamin, who had a package he wanted delivering to Bree. Turns out Bree originally ordered the package with the intention of giving it to me, so it ended up being a gift for myself, which was a gray tartan shirt.

Even though Isaelle informed me on the opening screen, I totally forgot that Frita was moving out today, and took me a while to remember that she was. When I finally remembered she was leaving, I went into her house to say my farewells. It really will be sad not seeing Frita around Skyfall anymore.

Bree wanted an item to replace her rainbow stag that I gave to her ages ago. Since it was a bug, I needed to get her an item that could be placed on a table. There wasn't anything in Re-Tail, but there was a paint set in the Nookling's. I wasn't sure if it would go with her house, but I decided to take the risk and bought it. I handed it over to her and she rewarded me with an exotic screen.

In other news, which I'm just going to breeze past because it's just one of those days where I really don't feel like blogging - Benjamin sold me his gold bar tee, and over at Rosie's house, I scored myself a free astro wall.

Unrelated News
Yeah today has been a really boring day, I really don't feel like doing anything, so now I'm off to relax and hopefully sleep early. Cya!


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