Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 344

Last Nights Caper
Just the usual, Housewives and egg hatching. Though I did play AC for a very short amount of time, just to pick up an item I've been looking for.

Day 344

It only just hit me a short while ago that I've been doing this for almost a year now. I'm still not sure what'll happen once I've made the full loop, but I don't plan on stopping blogging - it may cut down to every second or third day, but I will definitely continue.
Rosie wanted me to fetch her a pear. I went on over to the pear trees and shook some off, giving one to Rosie. She was very thankful that I went out of my way to get her a pear and rewarded me with a robo-wall clock.

Frita had also successfully moved out, leaving behind a square dirt path where her house once resided. I would've moved some flowers over the dirt patch, but the cosmos in my town seem to breed like rabbits, and I'm sure my villagers will plant some, so I just decided to leave it. Now I've just gotta get motivated and build the stone tablet before someone else moves in there!

It looks so naked lol

After moving away from the area where Frita's house once stood, I came across Benjamin, who wanted me to catch him a barbel steed. I really didn't want to get it for him, since I don't really enjoy fishing, but I thought what the heck and took him up on his offer. I easily managed to catch one, and handed it to Benjamin for a beaded shirt.

Moving on from Benjamin was Chops, who was rather eager to have Bree come over to his house. Of course, it was up to me as per usual to go out and find her and ring her over. I actually couldn't find Bree at first so I had to save + quit to reset my villagers positions so I could find her easier. Once I found her I took her over to Chops' house, only to find Chops had had a dream that Bree moved away and he wanted to see her, lol. Bree seemed to find the situation rather funny and soon left, and Chops handed me a soda case.

In other news, Tia wanted me to get her some new furniture, but there was nothing in the shops that would've gone with her house, and I haven't even been to her house for a while, so I've got no idea what it even looks like. Rosie also wanted me to buy her lovely end table, which I did, hoping it'd free up some space in her house, so hopefully I can send her some more fitting items.

Unrelated News
Not sure why, but I'm feeling a little Tomodachi Life (collection? I forget the localized name lol) hype right now, so I'm probably going to watch some videos of that. I'm not sure why I've got a hype for it, I wouldn't say I'm excited for it, but I'm not not excited for it either. I guess I'm just on the fence about it, I do plan on getting it someday though, should be amusing. So yeah, I'm off to watch some of that. Cya!


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