Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 345

Last Nights Caper
Just watched some Tomodachi Life videos, made everything better - not super hyped about it anymore, which means I can wait it out easier.

Day 345

Ricky wanted something to replace his cabin bed, but it's such a signature piece in his house (along with his fireplace and cabin table) I didn't want to get him anything else, so I ignored his request. Even if I wanted to complete it, I'm not sure what else I could've replaced it with, nothing would fit.

Bree wanted a peach so I went out to get her one. Maybe I should collect baskets of all the different perfect fruits so that way I can please every villager, no matter what fruit they as for. So maybe I'll work on that in the next few days. Anyway, for giving Bree a peach I received a space shuttle.

I soon came across Hazel who wanted me to come to her house right away. I took her up on her offer and off we went to her house. As always, I managed to bring up the "do you wanna buy anything" dialogue, and tried to buy the fish and bugs on her tables, but she told me they weren't for sale. Instead, I ended up buying the corkboard.

On approaching Hazel's house I noticed the campsite was in use, so after leaving I went over to see who was inside. I wasn't expecting anyone decent since that's now usually how things happen in Skyfall, but inside was Beau! At first I wasn't going to ask him to move in, but I've always wanted a deer villager, and I noticed he was pretty popular, so I asked him to move in. I'll see where he places his house first before I decided if I want him in permanently (hopefully he puts it in the space near where Frita's house was). If not, then I'll just do a Zucker/Soleil and work on getting his pic before giving him away.

The answer was mammoth

Unrelated News
Ugghh I'm getting a cold which really sucks, but I honestly haven't had one for almost a year, so I shouldn't be complaining. With that, I'm off to rest. Cya!


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