Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 346

Last Nights Caper
I had to go to someone's town to pick a few things up, and turns out it was Naughty-or-Nice day in their town, so I picked up a holiday stocking.

Might photoshop these together, but probably not since I am lazy

Day 346

Phineas was in town today, which I was hoping for, because when I was in that town last night, they had a load of weeds, and I picked a fair lot. So I'm happy to have finally earned the bronze weed picking badge, for picking 500 weeds...

Up near Hazel's house I dug up the time capsule, so I figured it was time to hand it over to her. Hazel was in her house so I walked in and handed the time capsule to her. She was happy to see what she had buried and rewarded me with a tricycle.

After leaving Hazel's house I headed up to Main Street and thought what the heck, may as well update my Dream Address, and it seemed that I have a new Dream Address... This is address number three lol, but I hit the 10,000 mark on my old address, so I don't really care how often it changes now. I also updated the header with my new address.

Back in Skyfall, Chops wanted me to visit him, and wanted me to take him to his house. He was right next to his house but he seemed to think it was miles away... Whilst inside he let me buy something that caught my eye. The things that I wanted to buy most, the froggy chair and regal lamp, since they didn't go with his house, were not for sale, so I ended up buying the drum set instead.

After leaving Chops' house I came across Benjamin, who wanted me to fetch him an orange. I wandered over to the orange trees to shake one off for him, and gave it to him. He was happy I got him an orange and soon devoured it, giving me a paper wall lamp.

Moving down from Benjamin was Boone's house, and I let myself in. I spoke to Boone and was informed that a pakcage meant to be delivered to Ricky had been delivered to him instead, and wanted to know if I'd be able to deliver it for him. I was happy to take the gift off his hands and deliver it to Ricky, so I went to track him down. Once I found Ricky I handed him over the package, and gave me a tin shirt.

Turnip prices were also reasonably high today (okay not that high), as 143 bells apiece. I'll be keeping tabs on this weeks prices to see if they get any higher, but 143 on a Tuesday afternoon is pretty great. It looks like it'll either be an increasing week, or a random week.

Unrelated News
I don't know what to put here as I've still got this damn cold so I don't really do anything other than sit around hoping it'll go away lol. Cya!


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