Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 347

Last Nights Caper
I really don't have a clue.

Day 347

Beau had moved his plot in today. It wasn't near where Frita's house was, instead it was more near where Soleil's was, but better positioned. I fixed up the area around it to make it flow better. I don't really like the positioning, so I'll probably have him move out when I get his picture, but I haven't made up my mind just yet.

I went over to visit Rosie, who didn't have anything for me to do, but she was sitting on her sofa, which I thought was really cute. So I decided to sit next to her and take a cute picture.

Redd was also in town once again. He had his art works as usual, and actually had 3 of them being sculptures, which is okay by me, and one of the sculptures turned out to be the real artwork. Not sure if I've donated it or not though.

Fake - it should have two children

Fake - the man in white should be on the other side

Real - the towel only goes over one shoulder

Fake - the eyes should be closed

After leaving Redd's tent I came across Hazel who had a package needed delivering to Rosie. I took the package off Hazel's hands and went back on over to Rosie's house. I handed over the gift and she rewarded me with a sky wall.

I also checked turnip prices today, which had rose by about 40 bells, being at 180 bells apiece. I guess it's turning into a high week after all? It'll be cool to see how high they can actually get before the week's over.

Unrelated News
Sorry for a boring post, nothing happened in Skyfall today, and I am so tired I really just want to sleep. Cya!


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