Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 349

Last Nights Caper
I basically slept, nothing worth blogging about.

Day 349

My new exterior is here, finally! I thought it'd look nicer, but the door looks really out of place... Nook please get the cabin arched door in stock soon, I need it to complete my house. On top of that, I'm not too sure about the fence either, I really do like the hedge, but maybe the cabin fence (whatever it looks like) will look nicer? Not really sure, I'll have to google that up.

As for my villagers today, most were twisting my leg... First Ricky wanted something to replace his cassette player, umm sorry buddy, that plays the cute music in your house, which I can't have replaced. Then Rosie wanted to come over, but she didn't want me over right away, so I had to decline. And then finally Bree, who wanted to come over to my house, but didn't want to come right away either, so I had to decline her invite... Though Bree did tell me she had to come over after 1:30 because she was doing brain teasers with Tia...

Brainteasers with Tia? Yeah right... Tia was sick today, so I've got no reason why Bree lied to me (she had a hot date with Ricky I bet). Regardless of Bree's shenanigans, I headed on over to Main Street to fetch Tia her first dose of medicine.

Now that I'd gotten all that out of the way, I was finally able to greet Skyfall's newest villager, Freya. She seems nice, but as I've mentioned before, I'm really not a fan of wolf villagers. Before she moved in I was considering working on getting her picture and then having her move out, but my dislike for wolves struck in once I saw her, no picture for me thanks. Sorry, Freya! Also turns out Freya did come from another town, I'm not too sure which town she came from, as the town name doesn't sound familiar, but at least the mystery is solved.

Wondering if there were any special visitors in town, I headed on over to the police station, where Booker told me Gulliver had washed ashore. I made my way down to the beaches to look for him, and began to wake him up. He actually woke up pretty quickly this time, which was a shock, since it usually takes forever to have him regain consciousness. Once he was awake, he told me his tales, and then wanted me to help send hi on his way. My options were:
- Greece
- Brazil
- Spain

The stalk market (is it stalk for 'stalk the market' or 'stork' as in turnip storks, I don't know) had also flopped once again, being at a measly 58 bells apiece. It's a shame, they were nice earlier on this week, I was looking forward to the chance of them increasing rapidly, I guess not.

Finally, to end my day, Boone had a package he wanted me to deliver to Benjamin. I took the package off his hands and went out to find Benjamin, who was right by his house. I handed the gift over to him, which ended up being his lost swell tee, but he'd already bought one to replace it, so he gave me his extra one.

Unrelated News
I updated the villager list + town map in case anyone was wondering. Now I've got a slight headache so I'm probably just going to take the night easy, maybe watch some TV. Cya!


  1. Lucky! I want a wolf villager! XD (Idk why but I'm OBSESSED with wolves XD)


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