Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 351

Last Nights Caper
I just played some more MK8. I never really played MK much past the DS version, I played little of the Wii version (legit no longer than 5 hours), and only played the 3DS version until I unlocked everything. I'm really liking MK8 though, if anyone wants to play online drop me a message, I'll probably make a post on Tumblr about it later.

Day 351

Sunday meant that Joan was in town today, and as I was playing before midday (actually it was after midday, but my 3DS clock is an hour earlier than real time for some reason, and I'm just too lazy to update it), so I spoke to her to see how much she was selling turnips for. I wasn't going to buy any, and lucky, because they were going for 109 bells apiece.

Ricky was feeling a little hungry, as he hadn't eaten anything all day, and wanted me to get him a fresh pear. I went over to my pear trees and shook one off for Ricky and hadned it to him. He was very thankful to receive a pear and gave me a kiddie stereo.

I came across Benjamin so I decided to tell him I was unable to get any signatures for his petition, which didn't seem to bother him that much, s he just handed in what he'd already done. Would've liked to try get the petition done for Benjamin, but no one came online so I wasn't able to.

Tia was still sick, but luckily for her this was her final day of being sick, as she got her third dose of medicine. Tomorrow she should be all better and walking around Skyfall as usual.

Just as I was about to end my day I came across Hazel, who I hadn't seen all day, and she had a package she wanted me to deliver to Ricky. I went to track down Ricky and give him the package, which he was thankful for. So thankful, that he gave me his pic! I'm just hording these extra pics right now, but I should probably trade them for other villager pics.

Unrelated News
Yup, I'm off to play some more MK8. Really don't know what else to put here lol. Cya!


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