Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 352

Last Nights Caper
Just played some more MK8. Still haven't put a post on Tumblr yet, idk when I'll do that lol.

Day 352

Beau was out and about today, an wanted me to deliver a package to Ricky, as he was too tempted to open it that he wanted me to deliver it ASAP. I took it off his hands and went to find Ricky and handed him the gift. He was happy to receive it, but informed me he'd already bought another one, and sold me the package for just over 1,000 bells... It contained a sleek chair.

We had yet another camper in the campsite today, and as usual, my heart race as I walked in, out of fear it being a villager I really want but not being able to ask them to move in as I've got no space left. Thankfully, it was just Harry, who I don't really like that much (I don't like hippo villagers a lot either).

Benjamin wanted to come over to see my house, and he was rather eager to get going at that very second, so I happily took him over to my house. He seemed to like it, but he didn't stay too long before he left. At least it adds to the friendship points.

After Benjamin left I soon came across Tia and I decided to speak to her just to double check she was feeling better. She was, and was happy that I helped her out when in need, and gave me a regal clock. I sold the clock, but now I'm thinking I should've kept it so I could mail it to Bree. Oh well.

And speaking of Bree, she actually wanted a new piece of furniture, so if I didn't sell the clock I could've very well given it to her... Although, I am more or less trying to get a music player in her house again, because without any music in her house it's really boring. But there were no music players or regal items in the shops, so I unfortunately had to give Bree nothing.

Unrelated News
I think I've made my mind up on my villagers (so far). I'm going to keep Beau because I really like him, but then I'll probably get rid of Hazel once I get her pic. Because right now, the 'permanent' villagers I want in Skyfall are Ricky, Bree, Tia, and Rosie which is 4 out of 10 villagers, and with Beau, that makes 5. If I add in Hazel that's 6, but I like it low because I like villagers to come and go. Plus Hazel's house doesn't really have a theme, so I guess I've kinda lost interest in her. Now I'm off to play some more MK8! Cya!


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