Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 373

Last Nights Caper
Having a mind blank again, really don't remember doing anything... Maybe it's because I'm going to sleep earlier so it's not like I'm doing anything? Who knows.

Day 373

Ahh, rain. I seriously say it every single time, but I just love it that much. I kinda want it to rain forever, but I know that if that ever happened it'd get so boring. I am glad we are getting so much of it lately. Anywho, Saharah was in town today, so naturally I spoke to her and took her to my house. she gave it a makeover, in which I received a classroom wall and a plaza tile. I believe only the wall is an exclusive.

Down where Boone's house used to be was a new house plot. I was excited to see who would be moving in, and turns out it's going to be Mira! I like her, I think she's really cute and I love the super hero theme she has going on, but I'm not sure if I like her enough to keep her in town. We'll see how it goes when she moves in.

I went over to Re-Tail to check the turnip prices (which were so low not even worth mentioning), when I saw my villagers were at it again... I thought they'd stopped by now, but I guess not. Ricky had put his cabin bed up for sale, which I bought and mailed back to him. I really wish they'd stop doing this.

And finally, to end my day, I headed over to Chops' house to deliver his second dose of medicine. Now he just needs his dosage for tomorrow and he'll be all better. I'm kinda hoping for his pic in return (doubt that'd happen), but I don't think our friendship is high enough anyway.

Unrelated News
I didn't get to play a lot today because I was out for the whole morning and got home in the late afternoon, and then I had to go out in an hour, so I only had a little time to play, which was why I didn't get a lot done. I should get more done tomorrow, though. Cya!


  1. If you don't like your villagers to put up stuff at Re-Tail, you could put up flowers for a really high price throughout the store so they have no space to sell their items. I love your blog by the way!


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