Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 375

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Day 375

The rain was back today which made me incredibly happy, and I do like seeing my villagers with their cute umbrellas. I found Rosie walking in the rain and spoke to her, and she wanted me to get her something to replace her lovely armorie, sorry but I like that piece in her house, so I didn't get her anything new.

After Rosie I soon came across Ricky who had a bad case of indigestion (tell me about it, I had it the other day, it sucks), and wanted me to get him a piece of fruit. I hurried over to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple for my friend and handed it over to him. He was happy to receive such a lovely piece of fruit, and gave me a backyard pool.

Mira had now officially moved in, and was walking around Skyfall. I spoke to her a number of times, but she didn't have anything that needed doing. Instead she just told me about Rosie and her muay Thai stuff? I don't even have a clue what that is but okay haha.

Chops was now all better so since I was near his house, I decided to drop by. He was sitting on his froggy chair, and was happy to see me, and thanked me for getting him medicine when he was sick. For helping him out, he rewarded me with a scale.

Not really much point in including this, but imma do it anyway just to lengthen out the post, but Benjamin wanted to come over and take a look at my house. Unfortunately, it was a set time arrangement, so I had to decline as usual.

Unrelated News
I really didn't feel very motivated to play a lot today. I'm not sure why, but tomorrow I should be more motivated to play. I've still not started ob the MK8 review, so that may be out a little later than usual, but I'll definitely be working on it, and you should get it sometime, I'm just not sure when. Cya!


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