Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 377

Last Nights Caper
Any point putting anything here? I just did the same thing lol.

Day 377

Beau wanted me to get him some new furniture today. If I hadn't already mailed him the tree standee yesterday I would've given that to him, but alas, I'd already mailed it, so I didn't give him anything. I haven't had a chance to even check if he received the tree standee, so it might not even be in his house.

Beau wasn't the only one who got a chore rejected today... Both Freya and Chops were axed, as Freya wanted me to come over to her house, and Chops wanted to come over to mine. But as usual, they were all set times which I always forget, so I had to reject their requests.

Benjamin had spent the last of his savings on a stool but wanted to buy something. He asked if I'd like to buy his stool for just over 1,000 bells, but I decided to buy it off him anyway.

But not all was bad today. Tia wanted me to get her a piece of fruit, so I went over to my storage and got her a perfect apple. I handed it to her hoping for her pic, not thinking it'd get any better than that, but I was wrong. Tia rewarded me with a lovely throne! What a nice surprise, I really didn't expect that.

Unrelated News
Yup, today was a very boring day... Nothing happened. I spent a lot of time talking to my villagers, but none of them wanted me to do anything. Not to mention Bree, Ricky, Rosie and Mira were all MIA... So I was four villagers short of getting requests... But yeah, very boring day. Now I'm gonna go watch some TV. Cya!


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