Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 379

Last Nights Caper
The usual - TV, Tomodachi Life and YouTube with a little Monster Hunter thrown in.

Day 379

The sun was out today, for the first time in a while, so I wonder if this means the rainy season is finally over. I am saddened by the fact it may be over but there's still a chance of rain in the future. 

Beau was home so I decided to drop by to see if he had received his tree standee and picnic table that I had mailed to him, and thankfully he had. Now his house looks nice and perfect again.

Leaving Beau's house, I started walking around Skyfall seeing if any of the residents needed anything doing. I came across Chops and he pinged me. Of course, my first reaction was to hope he would be moving out, and hallelujah he was doing just that. Chops will be moving out in July third.

Mira was near Chops so I decided to speak to Skyfall's newest resident to see what was happening. She was keen to come over to my house, and since she wanted to come over right away, I saw no reason to cancel her self-invite, and took her over to my house right away.

After Mira had left I continued walking around Skyfall to see what was happening. I came across Bree, and she wanted me to delver a gift to Freya. I accepted it and took it over to Freya (who was nearby) and handed her the gift. She was happy to receive a present from Bree (even though it was a toilet???) and gave me a gumdrop tee.

Unrelated News
Well, even though barely nothing happened in Skyfall, it was good to see a villager is finally leaving (and I still haven't updated the map yet..), and kinda happy about it being Chops, since he is probably my least favorite villager right now. Now I'm gonna do the usual rounds of Tomodachi, and chill out with some TV and YouTube videos. Cya!


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