Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 380

Last Nights Caper
The usual - Tomodachi, MH, TV, YouTube. Started watching Desperate Housewies again, so I've got that going, too.

Day 380

Welp, I figured out why it was sunny in Skyfall yesterday, because the weather wanted to make up for the storm coming today. I don't think we've had a storm for a while so I was content. As the storm was going on, I decided to check on my villagers to see how they were holding up. I stumbled across Beau, who was around the campsite getting warm, and he had a petition he wanted me to get signed. I took it off his hands, and managed to find someone to let me go to their town, and get signatures.

With my signatures gathered I headed back to Skyfall to hand the petition back to Beau, who was now in his house keeping out of the storm. He was happy I went out of my was to get signatures, and gave me a mahjong table.

I guess the bad weather didn't stop any happenings going o around Skyfall because we had a camper, being Wolfgang. Like I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of wolf villagers, so I had to let him continue camping in the rain, sorry.

Wolfgang wasn't the only animal putting up with the storm, because Saharah was in town, too. I spoke to her and quickly took her over to my house to escape the rain. She took her time and gave me a makeover, earning me a library wall and an office floor. I only think the floor is an exclusive, but the wall may be, too.

Apart from that, not a lot happened in Skyfall. I guess my villagers were miserable along with the weather (though I don't know why, because rain is great). Al that happened was Ricky decided to give me a minimalist wardrobe which Freya soon bought for a mere 600 bells, and Bree selling me her Rococo wall for just under 1,800 bells.

Mira was also home, taking shelter from the rain, so I got to have a peek at the interior of her house, which is honestly amazing. I really love her interior, sucks that I don't plan on keeping her. Of course, things can change, but I really don't think I'll be keeping her. She did want me to get her a piece of furniture that would fit on a table, but there were nothing in the shops so I didn't end up getting her anything.

Unrelated News
This game is so much easier to play once you know you've got someone moving... Like, I just feel like I can relax and not have to stress about missing a villager pinging to leave, or starting the game up to find one of my favorite villagers will be moving out, lol. But yeah, other than that, nope nothing going on. So yeah. Cya!


  1. I was wondering what you were gonna do with Mira as id absolutely love her in my town. MY LAST DREAMIE.

    Btw amazing blog


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