Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 353 - 368

So I've got some downtime right now so I thought I may as well blog the past two weeks. Much like when I took a month off for exams, I'll just condense it all into one big post, and file everything under subheadings also lets pretend it didn't take 40 minutes to upload photos.

The Town
As a whole, not a lot happened in Skyfall. Basically there were a few lost items, which were taken to their rightful owners, and Father's Day happened, and I received a red carnation. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened (apart from visitors, which I will focus on next). I also played a game of hide-and-seek with Tia, and the hydrangea bushes went from budding to flowering.

There were actually a lot more visitors than I thought I'd get, I thought I'd only get each villager once - but turns out I got them all to visit twice, Redd visiting three times.

Out of the two times Gulliver had washed ashore, I only answered correctly once. The second time I wasn't sure where he was heading, so I took a guess as I was too lazy to google the answer, and it turned out the be wrong.

Both of Saharah's visits were mediocre, neither of them really gave me anything interesting - I'm not even sure on what each piece was called as I didn't write them down. I know one of them was the classroom floor, and the wallpaper in that pic may have been the sporty wall, I'm not too sure? But those were the only two somewhat decent things I got.

On Redd's three visits I bought the real artworks he had in stock. I'm not too sure which ones I was able to donate, I know the first two purchases had already been donated, and I don't think I've got around to donating the third one as of yet, so I'm not sure if I've handed that over to the museum or not.

Visit #1

Real - the fake has one child

Fake - she isn't wearing a bonnet

Fake - the left hand should be on the bottom

Fake - the people should be on the other sides

 Visit #2

Fake - her headband should be blue

Fake - only one hand should be on the hips

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Real - there is on fake

Visit #3

Fake - it has one child

Fake - the shell is closed

Fake - they should be on opposite sides

Real - it's not holding a UFO

Not a lot happened in the shopping field, other than three sets of high turnip prices (one in the 400's and two in the 100's), Gracie's new summer stock, nothing really happened. I also bought the lighter hedge for my house. I'm not actually sure which hedge I like better.

Old hedge

New hedge

Villagers Come, and Villagers Go
Surprisingly, only one villager left, being Hazel. I know I said I would keep her until I got her pic and then get rid of her, but as I've stated before, I hate having a full town, and then Hazel pinged asking to leave, and I figured I may as well let her go and take it whilst I can. If I want to get her pic later on I could probably trade one of Ricky's pics for hers.

Not long ago Benjamin told me that Boone planned on leaving Skyfall, but as far as I've played, he hasn't left yet. I've not played today, so I expect him to either be leaving today or tomorrow.

Both Ricky and Rosie considered leaving Skyfall but I managed to convince them otherwise.

Happy Campers
We had just as many campers as I expected, being three. I didn't ask any of them to move in, but I did get Nan, who I had in Wild World and City Folk who I've always liked, but since I had her in the previous two AC titles I decided to let her sty camping so I could experience more unique villagers I've yet to have. I swear I had at least one more camper but I've gone through my pics and I can only find those three, maybe I just forgot to take a pic or my minds deceiving me.

Jobs and Chores
Oops looks like in my old post this is where I put lost items, but I already put them in The Town section, and I'm too lazy to move them here lol. Anyway, I'm not going to include every single chore I did, just the ones that gave me decent rewards.

Way too high but I bought it for the friendship lol

I could've sworn I obtained a villager pic from one of Ricky's jobs, but I guess not? Maybe I'm just thinking about days I've already blogged before, and since I've not blogged for a while my minds a little hazy?

Mayoral Duties
Much like the previous hiatus, I didn't actually build anything, but Benjamin did suggest we build the camping cot, so I guess that's at least something.

Unrelated News
I haven't actually played yet, so today's post isn't included in here, so I'll either post today's blog post later tonight, or tomorrow, whichever I feel like doing (probably tonight) - then I'll work on the one-year video and maybe reviews for MK8 and Tomodachi Life? Tbh I'm still not 100% sure if I wanna do all three of those, I've got other things I need to do, so I guess I'll just see where the flow takes me. Cya!

(also there's probably like 45345 typo's so sorry about that, whenever I go back and read over all my days I'll fix them up then lol)


  1. Do you have any suggestions as how to get your town to look so nice? I've been wanting to do it, but it's so much work and I almost don't know where to start!! D: I did begin on a park plaza of sorts, with some street lamps and a fountain and benches, but I don't know what else to do?? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :)


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