Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 382

Last Nights Caper
The usual. I did watch a little of the tennis as well though, that was probably the only different thing.

Day 382

Well just as soon as I'm told the rain's going to stop, it starts up again... I ain't complaining, though, I absolutely love the rain. Anyway, onto today, Rosie wanted me to deliver something to Benjamin she borrowed a while ago and was too scared to deliver it herself. I took it off her hands and tracked down Benjamin to hand it to him. He gave me a gray tartan shirt.

Ricky wanted me to get him some new furniture, but there were nothing in the shops that would've suited his house, nor did I want to replace anything in his house, so he received nothing.

Making my way around town I came to the plaza to notice that we had a camper in town today. The camper was Chevre, who I've always liked, but never had in my town, but I didn't ask her to move in.

Reese was buying turnips at a somewhat decent price, being 158 bells apiece. It's only Wednesday today so I'll be checking in to see if they get any higher, but they were pretty low yesterday, so I think this is going to be a random week, and they'll be low again tomorrow. Anyway, I'll post if they're at decent prices tomorrow.

To end off my day, Tia was hungry, and wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit. I grabbed a perfect apple from my storage, and this time I received her pic, and not a throne. I never really expected to get that throne the other day though, but it has made me more interested to do chores to see if I get anything else rare.

Unrelated News
Well that was my day, no special visitors so it was kinda boring, but I still got in a bit of gameplay that was decent. Now I'm just gonna chill out and watch my tennis. Cya!


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