Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 383

Last Nights Caper
Yup, just the usual. Tennis, MH, and YouTube. I've been working on the MK8 review but it's really only just in redrafting stages so that probably wont be out for a while (if I'm still going to do it, I feel as though I may have left it too late).

Day 383

As I mentioned the other day, I've been lazy emptying out my pockets, so as well as having a lot of gems on me, I also tend to have a lot of fossils on me, which my villagers are always keen to buy. Rosie and Benjamin (along with Tia, but I didn't get a pic), we're all eager to get their hands on some neat fossils, but unfortunately I didn't sell them because I don't want them messing up their houses.

Today was June 3rd (still no sign of any walking leafs), but today marked the day Chops would be leaving Skyfall. I went on over to his house to give him my best wishes on his future travels, and a final goodbye. I really hated Chops when he first moved in, but he definitely grew on me. I'm interested to see who'll move in next.

After leaving Chops' house I came across Tia who wanted to come over right away. I took her up on her offer and showed her the way to my house. She seemed to enjoy my house as she stayed there for quiet some time, so I'm hoping for something decent in the mail tomorrow. I still need to organize my Japanese room, though. As well as fix my upstairs, alpine and sleek rooms...

Turnip prices seemed to be going steady from yesterdays mildly high prices, going for 147 bells apiece today (only 9 bells less than yesterday). We've only got Friday and Saturday left to check for prices (and I'll probably only check the PM prices), so I've got two checks left to see if they get any higher. Even though I don't have any turnips to sell it'll be cool to see how high they can get.

Upon leaving Re-Tail I went to Skyfall's southern parts to dig up the bamboo to sell, where I came across Freya who wanted to organize a time for me to come visit her. Sadly, as I always end up forgetting time arrangements, I had to decline her invitation, but hopefully she'll want me to come over right away sometime in the future and I can visit her then.

Although nothing really happened from it, because I didn't want her to mess up her amazing house, but Mira seemed to think Rosie looked like a catfish (I had a good chuckle at this), and wanted me to catch her one so she could compare the two. Of course, I declined it, but it definitely brightened up my day.

Unrelated News
Decent day today I guess. I'm happy Chops is finally leaving. If I had to pick the next villager to leave I'd probably hope for Benjama, maybe even Freya - though I'm not really bothered as long as it's not one of my favorites (and tomorrow I can finally update the town map...if i remember). Now I'm probably gonna go watch some MH videos on YouTube or play some myself before the tennis starts. Cya!


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