Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 385

Last Nights Caper
I didn't actually do anything interesting. I did want to play MH for a little bit but I got lazy and didn't feel like doing that. Instead, I just watched YouTube videos.

Day 385

I came across Beau who informed me that Ricky and Bree were still friends. I'm glad to see my OTP is still surviving, even though I haven't really seen them interact lately. I guess now that Hazel's moved out of Skyfall, Bree is happier to talk to Ricky because she doesn't have to worry about Hazel popping out of nowhere.

With my new piece of art arriving in the mail this morning, I headed over to the museum to see if I could donate it, and as usual, turns out I'd already donated it... I really don't remember donating this one, because I've never seen it in Redd's before, but it was probably one I bought off my neighbors, so I don't remember receiving it.

Back in Skyfall Benjamin had something he borrowed from Freya a long time ago, but was too scared to return it himself, so asked if I could do it for him. Naturally, I was more than happy to do it for him, so I took it off his hands and went to find Freya. I soon found her and gave her the gift, which she was happy to see. She rewarded me with a durian.

Unrelated News
Yeah, sorry about today. I honestly played for a while, but nothing happened. Mira wanted me to catch her another species of fish (she seriously wants a different kind each day), but I don't complete them because I don't want her ruining her house. Now I'm probs gonna watch some Desperate Housewives. Cya!


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