Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 386

Last Nights Caper
Finished Desperate Housewives Season 7, so now I've just got one season left, and then I can work on watching other TV shows. Other than that I really didn't do anything.

Day 386

I started playing today and noticed that something had changed. It took me a while to realize that the fruit trees had gotten darker, and that the hydrangeas had stopped blooming, and now the hibiscus' were now in bloom. The summer season change is probably my favorite seasonal change after winter/snow, I just like the shade of green (and I'm really not a fan of green).

Being a Sunday morning meant that Joan was in town selling turnips. I actually forgot about her, and didn't remember she'd be around until I saw her. She was selling turnips for a pricey 104 bells apiece, so I didn't end up buying any.

After speaking with Joan I spoke to Benjamin, who was kind enough to give me a sword. It's not throne (okay now I'm getting greedy lol), but it's the thought that counts.

Beau seems to be overreacting, something I never really noticed about him. He thinks just because he bought an extra rubber band that people are going to be calling him a rubber band addict? Tbh I always lose my rubber bands, you can never have enough. He was also interested in trading my gold nugget for his retro TV, but I had other plans for my nugget.

Much like yesterday, nothing seemed to be happening in Skyfall today. But there was one minor event that was taking place, being Mira's birthday. I haven't had a villagers birthday in a very long time, either I've missed them without realizing, or none of my villagers had any. Regardless, I walked into Mira's house to give her my best wishes, and then after staying for a while, handed her my gold nugget as a birthday present. I hope she enjoys it!

Unrelated News
Yea, another uneventful day in Skyfall. This time I didn't try as much as I did yesterday to make things happen, but most of my villagers (Bree, Ricky, and Freya) were all MIA, and couldn't find them anywhere, and with Mira and Rosie celebrating Mira's birthday, he only villagers who were around were Beau, Benjamin and Tia - which didn't seem interested in talking to me. Anyway, I'm off to play some MH probably. Cya!


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