Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 387

Last Nights Caper
Just watched some more of Desperate Housewives and played MH, nothing exciting.

Day 387

Rosie was interested in trading her astro table for my lovely chair, and since I planned on mailing it to her anyway, I decided to accept her trade offer. Now I have an astro table, which I could've kept in case Mira ever got rid of hers, but I didn't think of that at the time and ended up selling it.

I guess since I haven't had any villager birthdays in a long time it was to be expected they'd all come at once, but I didn't think they'd happen one day after each other... Today was Bree's birthday, and much like Mira's yesterday, I gave her my best wishes, and handed her an emerald as a present, which she seemed to like.

I got word from both Freya and Booker that Saharah was in town today, so I went to track her down (because at this stage I had been playing for a good 15 minutes and still hadn't seen her). I eventually found her though and took her to my house for a makeover for 3,000 bells. She gave me the sci-fi wall and the autumn floor, both of which I believe are exclusives.

Rosie must have an eye for lovely furniture, because shortly after she just snagged my lovely chair, she tried to snag my lovely armoire. Much like the chair though, I did plan on mailing it to her at some stage, so I decided to trade it there and then for her mama bear.

...and not really related to anything, I just felt like including it because I thought it was funny lol.

Unrelated News
Yet another boring day today... I played for a good hour but nothing seemed to happen. Hopefully things will pick up tomorrow and my villagers will actually give me decent chores instead of partying. Anyway, now to watch some TV? Idk. Cya!


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