Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 388

Last Nights Caper
Nothing too major. Just the usual pretty much. Not sure if I should work on the MK8 review or not since I really do think it's too late. Guess it'll be good practice for future games though..?

Day 388

As soon as I started playing today Ricky was eager to come over to my house right away. Since there were not time arrangements needed I was more than happy to invite him over to take a look at my house. He stayed for a reasonable amount of time, and then left, thanking me for letting him come over.

This morning I received a toaster in my mail, which I was going to keep for myself, but Bree wanted to trade it for her white katana. I didn't want to at first, since I feared the toaster would ruin her house, but since it's an item that can be placed on a bench top, I decided to accept her trade (I think the white katana is kinda valuable anyway?).

Once I had completed my trade with Bree I continued my walk through Skyfall until I reached Re-Tail where I checked for the afternoon turnip prices. Reese was buying for a considerable 135 bells apiece, and since it's only Tuesday, I'm curious to see if they'll go any higher as the week progresses.

I made my way over to the police station to check if we have any special visitors in town, and Booker informed me that once again, Gulliver had washed ashore. I headed down to the beaches to find him, and then woke him up and listened to his tale to help send him on his way. My options were:
- Singapore
- Brazil
- Indonesia

- The Philippines

Normally I would be annoyed by this, but since my villagers have been reasonably quiet the past few days, I wasn't irritated when Mira asked me for a piece of fruit, in fact, I was more than happy to get a perfect cherry for her. I grabbed one of Skyfall's perfect cherries and hurried back on over to Mira's house to hand her the nice piece of fruit. She seemed to love it and rewarded me with a pine bonsai. When I walked into her house to give her the cherry, I accidentally opened her drawers instead of talking to her, but that scored me a free bear pole.

Unrelated News
Hooray for somewhat eventful days? I was glad that a few things happened today, which makes up for the previously slumpy days. Now I'm probably going to play Monster Hunter or watch some Desperate Housewives (probably both). Cya!


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