Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 389

Last Nights Caper
The usual, no point putting anything because it's just the same as the last week or so.

Day 389

On the opening screen when I started playing I spotted a house plot, so naturally, when I started playing, I went to that spot to see who the plot belonged to. Long behold, it was just what happened the other time this happened, and the house plot wasn't there. The house plot was located next to Tia's house, in the bamboo field.

However, as I ventured around Skyfall, I actually came across a house plot, which belongs to Frobert. I don't know what he looks like (other than, I'm assuming, a frog?), but I'm sure once I see him tomorrow his face will be familiar. I actually kinda like the frog villagers. Most of them are cute (especially Prince), so here's hoping Frobert isn't a let down.

Tia had a package that Ricky had left over at her house, and wanted me to return it to him for her. I'm always happy to help a villager out so I took it off her hands and went to find Ricky. I quickly found Ricky and handed the package over, and he rewarded me with a classic buffet.

After pestering Ricky for a few short minutes, I managed to have him ask me if I was up for a game of hide and seek, and of course I was. He gathered Rosie and Beau at the plaza and started the game. I had 10 minutes to find all three, and managed to do so within the time limit, earning me a theremin.

When I went down to the beach to see if any villagers were hiding there (and Rosie was), I came across a lost item which I picked up, and now that I had completed the age of hide and seek, I was able to look for the owner. Finishing the game as good because Ricky, Beau and Rosie were all easy to find since they were huddled at the plaza due to the game, but it didn't belong to any of them. I eventually made it over to Bree's house, who owned the novel, and she rewarded me with her pic!

Other Things
A few other things happened today but aren't deemed worthy of being added in the central blog post since they're pretty minor, so I'll just put them here. Basically, Beau wanted me to get him some new furniture, but I didn't get him any, Mire sold me her watermelon shirt, and Tia gave me a free vaulting horse.

Turnip prices had also increased slight (now at 139 bells). I was expecting something bigger (around the 150 mark), so I'm not sure if they'll get much higher than what they're at this week, but I'll be keeping an eye on them.

Unrelated News
Thanks you game for giving me an eventful day. There really wasn't anything going on, but once Ricky wanted to play hide and seek, and I found the lost item, I felt pleased with what I had done. Now, I'm probs gonna eat something and then watch TV, before coming back for some Housewives of MH. Cya!


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