Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 391

Last Nights Caper
Nothing new. Just Monster Hunter and Housewives. I also finally downloaded the fancy pattern Vivillon if anyone was interested, lol.

Day 391

I didn't even get a chance to look around Skyfall before I was badgered by yet another hungry villager, being Freya. She wanted me to get her a piece of fruit. I was going to get her a perfect apple, but I'm not really that bothered by Freya, so I planned on giving her a pear that I still had in my pockets from when Ricky wanted one, but I'd already sold them. So I went back to plan A and got her a perfect apple, which rewarded me with a flower chair.

My villager didn't seem to be in very talkative moods today. I talked to everyone I could find multiple times but none of them had any jobs needed doing. All they (and by they I mean Benjamin and Tia) wanted was for me to catch them a bug, or get them new piece of furniture. But we all know I don't wanna mess up their houses so there's no way I'm doing that.

I finally came across Benjamin who I hadn't see all day, and he informed me that Bree was sick with a cold. I headed over to Main Street to fetch her some medicine and then entered her house, handing it to her to make her feel better. One day down, two to go.

Unrelated News
I've been really busy all day now I've only had about an hour and a half spare time, which I used playing AC and blogging, so that, along with nothing happening in Skyfall (thanks for giving me no special visitors!!) is why there is barely anything to blog about today. Tomorrow I shouldn't be as busy so unless it's an uneventful day or my villagers aren't being cooperative), I should get a decent amount of gameplay in. Okay, and now I've gotta head out again. Cya!


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