Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 392

Last Nights Caper
I was out for most of it but once I got home I just decided to use the time to relax.

Day 392

I decided to spice things up today, and walked clockwise around Skyfall instead of the usual anti-clockwise pattern. The first villager I saw was Benjamin who wanted to come over to my house right away. I have no problems with residents coming over right away so I accepted his proposal and took him over to my house. When we reached my house I welcomed Benjamin inside and he proceeded to look around. He didn't stay for that long (maybe a 2-3 minutes), and soon left as he was getting, thanking me for letting him come over on his way out.

After leaving my house I went back in my clockwise direction and soon reached the plaza, where Redd had pitched his tent. As per usual, I went inside to browse his artwork, figuring out which one was real, and which ones we fake. The painting I bought I don't think I have donated, but I've said this many times and I always seem to be wrong, so I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Real - there is no fake

Fake - she is holding a cat

Fake - he has a carrot nose

Fake - index fingers are too long

Leaving Redd's tent I made my way over to Main Street to check the stores for their daily items, and bought some medicine for Bree before returning to Skyfall to hand it to my sick neighbor. She was thankful once again that I went out of my way to get her medicine, and now she just needs one more dosage and she'll be as good as new.

Whilst walking around Skyfall doing my daily duties, I dug up a time capsule by Mira's house. I tracked down Mira to hand her back her time capsule, and she smiled at the message she had written to her future self. Inside was an aqua polka tank, which she gave to me as a reward.

Just as I was about to end my day I saw Ricky chilling by my house (once he made his way to my house, he actually been there for the rest of the time I spent playing), so I decided to talk to him to see what was up. Turns out he's now got the hungry gene and was in the mood for a good feed. I headed up to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple (my supply is getting low), and returned to Ricky with fruit in hand. He was happy to receive a lovely piece of fruit and gave me a rocking chair.

Unrelated News
Well at least I wasn't busy today so I got some time to relax and take it easy. I didn't get up to a lot in Skyfall but I'm happy with what I did accomplish. Now I'm gonna go eat and probably just take it easy watching TV. Cya!


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