Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 393

Last Nights Caper
Finally finished watching all 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives for the fourth time LOL. Now I'll probably get back into watching Orphan Black since S2 just finished. Other than that I didn't really do much.

Dy 393

There was a storm in Skyfall today, which made me happy, but also made me sad because it meant I couldn't look for the walking leaf (I really need to get my hands on one soon or else I'll forget). I came across Beau, who wanted me to visit him, and Frobert, who wanted to visit me, but they wanted it to be a set time, so I had to politely decline.

Making my way up Skyfall I came across Ricky, who wanted me to fetch him a perfect fruit. I headed over to y storage and pulled out a perfect apple and handed it to Ricky and he rewarded me with a dolly. I think I'e only got three of four perfect apples left right now, so I need to get around to trading for some more foreign perfect fruit.

Since Ricky was right by Freya's house I decided to drop by and pay her a visit. She wanted me to bury a time capsule for her (it seems as soon as I dig one up, someone else has another one for me). I was happy to do it and took it off her hands, making room next to her house to bury it.

Over at Main Street I went to the museum to see if I had donated the painting I bought at Redd's yesterday, and turns out I had... I honestly don't even remember donating half of these artworks... I've got a tonne of spares that I don't need so I should probably get around to trading them for the ones that I need but eh...

Whilst I was on Main Street I bought Bree her final dose of medicine, and returned to Skyfall to give it to her. Tomorrow she should be happy and healthy, and back to her old self. Hopefully this cold didn't put too much of a dint in her relationship with Ricky.

And of course, being a Sunday morning and all, meant that Joan would be in town. Unfortunately, she was selling turnips for 106 bells apiece, so I didn't buy any.

Unrelated News
For a typically boring Sunday morning I'm happy with what I managed to get in today. Just like last night, I'm gonna relax for now. Cya!


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