Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 394

Last Nights Caper
Nothing much, I just took it easy and slept early since I had a few things to do in the morning.

Day 394

As I started up the game today, I had a mini heart-attack because Isabelle informed me that someone was leaving Sykfall, and I hadn't heard anyone say they planned on leaving, so I didn't know who it was. Thankfully, it turned out to be Mira, so I was able to rest easy knowing it wasn't Ricky or Bree wanting to leave. It's weird I never knew she was leaving, I do answer every ping, and speak to most of my villagers daily, but I guess I just got unlucky. I guess Mira didn't really like Skyfall 'cause I swear she was only here for like two, maybe three weeks...

I made my way up the the plaza where the was an announcement on the bulletin board informing me that the bug off would be this Saturday. I'll probably join in like I did last month, but I don't think I'll go out of my way to score first place. We'll see though.

Food, food, food. I don't know why I had like a one week break where none of my villagers wanted food, but hey, it's back, and now everyone is wanting a piece of fruit to snack on. Today it was Tia, who specifically wanted a cherry. I went over to Re-Tail and grabbed her a perfect cherry, and earned myself a ponderosa bonsai.

I'd already received a gift from Bree in the mail this morning, so I just assumed that was her thank you gift for helping me get over her cold, but when I spoke to her today she thanked me again, and gave me her pic. I'm kinda surprised because I didn't expect it, and like I said, I thought she already mailed me a gift, but meh. I'm always happy to receive another pic.

Just as I was about to quit playing, I came across Beau, who I've not seen for a few days, and he wanted me to deliver something to Bree. I was more than happy to deliver it for him, and I took it off his hands and tracked down Bree again. Bree was happy to see her flower table again and gave me a gold-bar shirt.

Unrelated News
Decent day in Skyfall I guess? It wasn't great but it wasn't horribly boring either... Anyway, I'm off out now (which is why this is out earlier than usual), so yeah. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to nab a walking leaf (couldn't find one today). Cya!


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