Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 395

Last Nights Caper
I just went out to have dinner with some friends, and then we went and saw Rio 2 (lol). When I got home I just took it easy and didn't get up to much.

Day 395

Saharah was in town, and I found her up near the fountain. I spoke to her, and like always, she was keen to give my house a makeover for 3,000 bells. I took her up on her offer and took her over to my house. When we got inside she asked for the payment, and then I stepped outside for her to work her magic. She ended up giving me a sporty wall and a lab floor. I believe the wall is an exclusive.

Freya had something that he wanted me to deliver to Beau, which was accidentally delivered to her house and she was too scared to deliver it herself, feared she'd be called a thief. I was more than happy to deliver it for her and made my was on over to Beau's house. Inside was a lemon gingham tee, which he was happy to receive, and in return, he gave me a gray tartan tee.

I made my way over to where Mira's house used to be to check out the dirt patch, and was going to put some flower over the top to help the grass regrow, but instead I got distracted by a lost item on the ground. I picked it up and went searching for it's rightful owner. I'd checked with everyone who was in town (Rosie, Benjamin and Frobert were all MIA and I was too lazy to find them), but I still hadn't checked with Beau, and luckily it belonged to him. He was happy to see his lost item again and handed me a heart tee.

Oh hey, he put his lemon gingham shirt out, I didn't notice that until now

In other news, Beau (man he's popular today), wanted me to buy a tent wall for just over 1,000 bells, which I decided to buy for the sake of it, and Re-Tail was buying turnips for 124 bells apiece, not too bad for a Tuesday afternoon.

Unrelated News
I've actually got a pretty bad stomach ache so I don't feel like writing much as I just want to take it east and get some rest. Cya!


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