Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 396

Last Nights Caper
I just took it easy and went to sleep shortly after yesterdays post.

Day 396

Redd had pitched his tent in the plaza today. As usual, I walked inside to browse his artworks, scooping out the real one. Like every other week, I don't think I've donated this painting, but we all know that I already have lol. I really need to get around to checking which ones I've got donated, and which ones I still need.

Fake - she should be looking the other way

Real - there is on fake

Fake - she should have a flat head

Fake - white dress lady is too tall

Leaving Redd's tent, I made my way over to Re-Tail, to see Reese was buying turnips for a somewhat decent price of 169 bells apiece. Tomorrow I might be able to play before midday, so I may get to see both prices, but I'm not making any promises.

I came across Bree, who had the same problem as Freya, she had a package for Rosie that was delivered to her but was afraid to deliver it as she feared she'd be called a thief, but I was more than happy to deliver it for her. I found Rosie and handed it over, but she had already ordered another one, and ended up selling me the package, which contained a monkey shirt.

Other Things
Not a lot happened in Skyfall today, as I had to decline most of the things my villagers asked me - Rosie wanted me to get her a new piece of furniture, Ricky wanted to come over at a set time, and Bree randomly gave me a rainbow tee.

Unrelated News
Well I feel a lot better today which is good. Not quiet sure what happened yesterday, other than the fact I had a really bad stomach ache. Not too sure what I'm gonna do now. I kinda wanna play MH but I think I burned myself out for now, so I might play Tomodachi Life instead. Cya!


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