Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 397

Last Nights Caper
I honestly don't remember. I think I just wasted time until I got tired and fell asleep.

Day 397

I didn't actually end up playing until late afternoon, so scratch that plan from yesterday of hopefully playing before midday, lol. Beau wanted me to get him a perfect fruit, and I went on over to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple (I've only got two left so I need to work on getting some more). I handed Beau the perfect apple, and was surprised to receive his pic as a reward. I honestly didn't think our friendship was high enough, but I'm happy to receive his pic!

I made my way around Skyfall and noticed a house plot just to the left of where Chops' house used to be. I checked the plot, and it belongs to Beardo. I believe Beardo is the dragon/alligator villager (could be wrong though), so it'll be nice seeing him around town .I don't think I've even had an alligator villager since Wild World.

Making my way up to the police station, I learned that Gulliver had washed ashore. I made my way down to the beach to wake him up and began to listen to his wild tale, before he started telling me clues of where he was heading. I managed to guess right, as it wasn't too hard, and shall receive a gift in the mail tomorrow. My options were:
- China
- India
- Russia

Ricky wanted me to deliver a package to Beau which he borrowed a while ago and was too afraid to deliver it himself. I took it off his hands and made my way over to Beau's house to deliver it. I handed it to him, and he said he'd give me a prize if I managed to guess the gifts contents correctly. Of course, I guessed wrong, but I'm not too bothered, as I'm still kinda happy about getting his pic.

And like always, the artwork that I bought from Redd's had already been donated to the museum... Oh well, at least I've not got a spare that I can trade for a piece I still need (whenever I get around to checking what I've got).

Unrelated News
Yeah, my plan didn't work out so I didn't get to play early in the morning to check for turnip prices, but since the afternoon prices were bad (64 bells apiece I think), they probably weren't too good in the morning either. Now I'm probably just gonna relax (I've got a cold), and sit in my warm bed. Cya!


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