Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 398

Last Nights Caper
Just took it easy and tried to get rid of my cold.

Day 398

Rosie wanted me to visit her right away today, and since we didn't have to sort out time details, I was more than happy to visit her. We weren't too far away from her house as I'd just started up the game, and soon made my way to her house. It's looking nice, not too much doesn't fit. I just need to get rid of that sea bass somehow. She did give me the dialogue to buy something, but all I wanted to buy was the sea bass, but it wasn't for sale, and I soon left, thanking her for inviting me over. I did manage to find a neutral wall in her closet, though.

After leaving Rosie's house I found a lost item, and began asking around town for it's owner. It took me a while to get there, but I eventually came across Benjamin, who owned the empty bag, and gave me a blossom tee.

Before I handed it over to him though, he pinged me, and with that ping, suggested the climbing frame public works project. I probably wont ever build it, but it's nice to have another pwp unlocked, especially since I think it's been a while since we got our last one.

The bug off is tomorrow, and with that reminder, I went out hunting for a walking leaf. I was having trouble finding it, so I googled it, and turns out it's more common in the rain... Here I was thinking it didn't appear in the rain, only to find it's easier to catch in the rain... Oh well. I didn't manage to catch one today though, but I'm hoping I'll get one in the bug off tomorrow.

I made my way down towards Beardo's new house, and was disappointed to find he wasn't the villager I thought he was. Instead of being the dragon/alligator villager (who is named Drago), he was some bear with an ugly beard. Imma be honest, I don't really like hating on villagers because I know Beardo is probably someone's favorite, but I really don't like him, at all. Hopefully he'll do a Mira and be gone within a few weeks...

Just as I was about to get off I spoke to Bree, who wanted me to get a petition signed for her. I didn't expect I'd be going out of town today (and didn't want to make a special trip just for her), so I sadly had to decline her request.

Unrelated News
Kinda bummed about the walking leaf... I've had so many rainy days in Skyfall this July and kept thinking I wouldn't be able to find one, and now I know it was easier to find one in the rain... I've still got until mid-September to find one, so that's almost another two months that I can hope for it to rain. I also cleared some flowers away from the bases of trees, so that should increase the chances of one appearing. Now I'm probably gonna play some MH. Cya!


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