Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 399

Last Nights Caper
I forget. I think I just played Monster Hunter.

Day 399

The bug off was today, so in a second we'll get to that, but since Ricky was home I decided to drop by to see if he got the cabin bed I mailed to him a week or two ago. Thankfully he had and he'd put it in his house.

The Bug Off

I found a Raja Brooke pretty easily, so I decided to go hand that in. Somehow it managed to push me into first place (not sure what the previous records were), and earned myself a round clock. If I managed to catch a bug worth 80 points I'd get a piece of bug furniture.

 Since I didn't get a piece of bug furniture last bug off I tried to catch a bug worth 80 points, but didn't find anything. The only decent bug I found was the agrias butterfly, which scored me 71 points, which beat my old record, and earned me a cabin couch.

That was it for the bug off for me, I couldn't really find anything else so I waited until after 6pm to attend the ceremony. I didn't expect to get first since I handed my last bug in just after 11am, but I still did. But the game trolled me once again, having both Bree AND Rosie, who came second third, place with walking leafs... The bug I still need, which I can never find... Oh well.

After the ceremony I walked around town for a little bit to see if my villagers wanted anything done just to make the day feel worthwhile. Nobody needed anything, but Tia did inform me K.K. Slider was performing, so I headed to Club LOL for a nice relaxing tune to end my night.

Unrelated News
Yeah you know how it goes, event days are always boring. It didn't help that I was also really busy today so I didn't even get a lot of time to play. Now since it's late I'll probably head to sleep. Cya!


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