Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 401

Last Nights Caper
Uhh, again, I don't remember. I probably just watched YouTube videos and listened to music.

Day 401

First thing today, Rosie was eager to come over to my house right away. Since we didn't need to sort out a time I was more than happy to lead her over to my house. She stayed at my house for a decent amount of time, before leaving, thanking me for having her over. I should receive a reward in the mail tomorrow.

Both Freya and Benjamin wanted something done, but I was too lazy to do it for them. Freya wanted me to get her a new piece of furniture, whilst Benjamin wanted me to catch him a dace. Thinking about it now, since I don't plan on keeping them in Skyfall I probably could've done it since I don't care about keeping their houses close to their original state, but oops. Maybe next time I'll remember.

Tia wanted me to get her a piece of fruit, and I went to my storage and got her a perfect apple. I only had one left after I grabbed the one I was handing to Tia, but thankfully I was able to trade two baskets of perfect cherries for two baskets of perfect apples, so my supply is back. For getting her a perfect apple she gave me a modern desk.

Rosie had a package she needed to be delivered to Ricky, so I took it off her hands and went to track down Ricky. Ricky was near his house and I handed him the package. It contained a shirt that he was happy to receive, and gave me his pic as a reward. I'm getting a lot of villager pics now (mainly from Bree and Ricky though), so I could probably trade some of my spares for some others.

And to end my day, Bree wanted to play a game of hide and seek, which I was happy to do. She gathered Ricky and Freya at the plaza and they went off hiding. I had 10 minutes to find all three, which I managed to do, and received a lat pulldown machine.

Unrelated News
It's been a few days since Mira left and I don't want it to happen again and have one of my favorites leave, so I kept talking to everyone today to see if they'll tell me anyone was planning on leaving, but no one did... Hopefully that just means no one is planning on leaving, and not just me having bad luck. Now I'm gonna go eat. Cya!


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