Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 402

Last Nights Caper
Basically just listened to music and watched videos, don't remember doing anything else.

Day 402

I came across Frobert who wanted me to come over to his house right away. I've not seen the inside of his house yet so I was eager to get over to his house and see what it looked like. We reached his house in no time at all and we both walked inside. I won't lie, I was definately disappointed when I saw his house. I'm not too sure what I was expecting, but I sure was not expecting a polka-dot theme, and left as soon as I could...

Leaving Frobert's house, I came across Rosie, who had a package she needed delivered to Frobert... I guess I couldn't escape Frobert today... I took the package off her hands and made my way back over to Frobert's house to deliver it. He gave me an incense burner as a reward.

Redd had also pitched his tent in town once again. This time though, I'm fairly certain I've already donated the real artwork he had in stock, so no disappointments tomorrow when I try to donate it and Blather's tells me I already have.

Fake - Index finger is too long

Fake- Mt. Fuji is too big

Real - She is wearing her bonnet

Fake - It's eyes should be closed

Bree had yet another petition she needed signatures for, but as I wasn't planning on leaving Skyfall, I had to once again decline her request. This is the third petition (I think) I've had to decline in like a week... I feel bad but oh well.

And finally to end my day, Benjamin wanted to come over to my house. He claims it was to see how clean it was, but we all know he just wanted to snoop around my place. Regardless of his intentions, I was more than hay to have him over, and we soon left. He didn't stay for too long, so maybe he wasn't snooping after all.

Unrelated News
I was busy most of the day, hence playing in the afternoon. My cold is getting better, as I've just got a stuffed up nose, so hopefully that'll be gone in a few days. Also no one asked to ping today either... I'm starting to get worried. Now time for food. Cya!


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