Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 403

Last Nights Caper
Well I know I watched The X Factor, but anything other than that, I'm not too sure.

Day 403

I didn't get informed by Isabelle that anyone was moving so I was still surprised. It's been a while since Mira left, and no one has pinged me, I really was expecting someone else to randomly leave either yesterday or today, but nope. All was good though, because not too long after playing, Freya pinged me and told me she would be leaving on the 28th. I never planned on keeping Freya so I sent her on her way. Now I can finally relax for a few days without stressing of having a random move out.

I started playing about 10 minutes before midday, so I was able to get both turnip prices for the day, not that it mattered, because they were both pretty low. The morning prices were 107 bells apiece, and the afternoon prices were even lower, that I didn't even bother to take a pic. I believe they were around 74 bells though.

We had a camper in town today. I think it's been a while since we last had one, so it was nice to see another one in town again, being Lucy. She was cute, but I don't really like pig villagers that much, so I decided to let her remain camping.

Beardo was home so I decided to drop by and see what his house looked like. It really didn't look that much different to Chops' house, but I still liked it because I like the vintage theme. However, Beardo was sick (seriously, you've been in town for like 4 days...), so I headed over to Main Street to fetch him some medicine.

Whilst I was in Main Street I checked at the Post Office for a new DLC, since they usually release here around the 20th of each month, and Pelly handed me the Leo Sculpture. I headed over to the museum to display it, and whilst I was there I tried to donate the painting I bought at Redd's yesterday, but as I thought, I'd already donated it.

Unrelated News
I didn't get a lot done, but I'm still happy with today. My main goal was just to figure out who was leaving, and since Freya told me as soon as I started playing, I was able to take the rest of the day easy. Now I'm going out for dinner (why this is earlier than usual). Cya!


  1. The ones that move do they go into void or do you let others get anyway when did the Leo one come out? I don't think it has for me yet at least at my time zone.

  2. What's your plan for Freya? Do you have anyone lined up to visit and pick her up when she's in boxes?


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