Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 404 (not found)

Last Nights Caper
Just went out for dinner with some friend, and relaxed when I got home.

Day 404 

Beau was right by my house today so he was the first villager I spoke to. He wanted me to get him something for his house that would replace his candy gingham tee. I haven't been in his house for a while, but if my memory serves me right, it's in a spot on the right side of his house, and doesn't really do much for his house, so I didn't bother getting him anything to replace it.

I, once again, started playing a few minutes before midday, so I was able to check both the AM and the PM turnip prices. The AM prices were a lot higher (142 bells) than then PM prices, so I guess this week is a random week. It's easier to pick the trends when you get both prices for the day lol.

Not too sure if it's my mind playing tricks on me, or if it actually happened, but I could've sworn the bamboo was darker today than it was yesterday? I might go back through and check some older posts to see for myself.

I soon came across Saharah (just as I was about to stop by the police station to check for special visitors), so I spoke to her and took her over to my house. As usual, I paid her 3,000 bells for a interior makeover, earning myself a paw-print wall and a round carpet. I don't think either of them re exclusives.

Bree wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit to help her kick her frozen custard addiction. I headed over to my storage to pull out a perfect apple and handed it to her. She was ecstatic to receive a perfect fruit and gave me a samurai suit.

I headed up to Main Street to fetch Beardo his second dose of medicine and then returned to Skyfall to give it to him. Now he just needs tomorrows dosage and he should be all better for the weekend.

Whilst I was on Main Street I saw a Dream Address pop up on my Tumblr dashboard, and thought what the heck, might as well update my own (don't want my Dream Address changing for the third time... lol). I entered the Dream Suite and had Luna update my dreams. Skyfalls newest Dream Address had received 1,801 visitors (also I apologize for the thousands of bush starts on the ground).

Unrelated News
In case anyone if confused by the (not found) in the title, it's a reference to Page 404 (not found) you sometimes come across when browsing the internet. It's not really anything to do with Animal Crossing but I just found it funny. Anyway, as for today, I was happy I could enjoy it a lot more as I know Freya is moving out, so I don't have to frantically run around Skyfall praying for villagers to ping and seeing if they want to move out. Also I got bored and that's why this post is early. Not sure what I'll do now, probably play some MH? Cya!


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