Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 405

Last Nights Caper
I really don't remember anything. I know I didn't get around to playing Monster Hunter like planned, but other than that, I don't remember it at all.

Day 405

I came across Bree who had something Benjamin lost a while ago and wanted me to return it. I was happy to do the job for her and went to track down Benjamin. Since I'd only just started playing, Benjamin wasn't too hard to find, as he was by his house. I handed him the gift and it contained his A tee. He didn't give me anything for delivering it to him (thanks).

On my way over to Benjamin's house, I actually spoke to Tia first, who wanted me to come over to her house right away (fearing it was haunted). Since there were no details to fill in, I was more than happy to stop by. When inside, I spoke to her a few times to have her bring up the "wanna buy anything" dialogue, in which I bought her cafe tee for 260 bells. I stayed for a little while longer and then left.

Buying Tia's tee had filled up my pockets so I headed over to Re-Tail to empty them. I actually stared playing about an hour before midday today, so I didn't get the chance to check for both sets of turnip prices like the previous two days, but the morning prices were around 42 bells or something (I didn't bother to take a pic.) As I left Re-Tail I spotted a leaf down my one of the trees, it was a walking leaf! All this time I've spent hunting for one, and one decided to randomly show up when I'm not hunting (Game Troll Tally: 482). I pulled out my net and caught it, then hurried over to the museum to donate it, finally completing the bug section of the museum. Now I've only got to work on the art wing.

Whilst I was on Main Street I checked the stores and bought any items I was interested in, which included some medicine for Beardo. Once I'd checked everything I headed back into town and over to Beardo's house to give him his final lot of medicine.

Unrelated News
Can't believe I finally caught the walking leaf... But I'm incredibly happy I got it, as I can stop stalking the trees in Skyfall for them lol. Now I'm probably gonna have a snack before dinner, and then find something else to do. Cya!


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