Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 406

Last Nights Caper
Who knows... I know I went out for dinner, but as for when I got home, I've got no idea.

Day 406

Beau wanted me to get him a peach, so I headed on over to the peach trees to grab him one. I've only got four peach trees in Skyfall so I'll probably plant some more (and more of other fruit trees) whenever I get around to landscaping town again. Anyway, I gave him the peach and he gave me a cabin wall clock.

Over at the plaza I noticed the campsite was in use, and inside was Bertha and hippo. Much like wolves, I really don't like hippo villagers that much, so I left her camping. Hopefully she enjoys her short stay in Skyfall.

Re-Tails AM turnip prices were nothing to talk about either. A mere 124 bells, and I didn't end up playing in the afternoon to check the PM prices. Joan should be in town tomorrow, if they're <95 bells apiece I may consider buying some.

I started heading to Beardo's house to check up on him, since he should be healthy by now, but instead I ended up going to Bree's house, and good thing I did, because Beardo was over at Bree's (hopefully she isn't cheating on Ricky again). I spoke to him and he thanked me for helping him get better, and rewarded me with a modern table.

And finally, to end my day, Ricky asked if he could stop by my house later today. Sadly, as it was a set time arrangement, I declined his request. He wanted to come over in 40 minutes, I mean come on, why does it have to be on the hour or half past... If he wanted to come over in 20 minutes I would've been happy, but no... So yeah, sorry!

Unrelated News
A somewhat decent day I guess. I did a little landscaping on the side, so I guess that's something else to make the day worthwhile. Now I'm just gonna take it easy and watch some YouTube videos. Cya!


  1. I have Beardo in my town! He's kewl. He actually has a crush on me


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