Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 407

Last Nights Caper
I ain't got no clue. Probably just YouTube videos.

Day 407

Sunday morning, which meant Joan was in town today. However, before I came across Joan, I stumbled upon Beau, who once again wanted me to get him something to replace one of his weeping figs. Of course, as I didn't want to mess up his house, I didn't end up getting him anything.

After leaving Beau I found Joan nearby, who was selling turnips for 95 bells apiece. I won't lie, I honestly was tempted to buy a few, but since I'm not in a desperate need of money, I didn't buy any. Probably should've bought some just for fun, but it's too late now. Maybe next week if they're still low.

Tia wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit, but not just any fruit, she wanted an orange. Sadly I no longer had my perfect oranges (haven't had any for a while), so she had to settle for a regular old orange. She seemed to enjoy it none the less and handed me a manhole cover.

Whilst I was making my way over to the orange trees I found a lost item among the bamboo trees. I picked it up and went to look for it's owner, who wasn't too hard to find, and I managed to get it first go, being Frobert, who was right by the orange trees. He was happy to have his book returned, and handed me a pink PJ shirt.

And finally, to end my day, Benjamin wanted me to get his petition signed by six people from another town, but as usual, I didn't have any plans to venture out of Skyfall today, so had to politely decline his request. He didn't seem too bummed out about it though (unlike Bree).

Unrelated News
Late today because I was doing things and didn't have time to blog until now. Anywho, Freya is leaving tomorrow, I asked around if anyone wanted her, and Harry (he was in some blog posts a looong time day - like Fireworks time) said he wanted her, so hopefully I'll be able to give her to him. Now I'm probably gonna watch more videos. Cya!


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