Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 410

Last Nights Caper
Just watched The X Factor, then had some food, and then took the rest of the night easy.

Day 410

Beau was home so I decided to drop by and see what was happening, and he wanted me to bury a time capsule for him. He specifically asked me to bury it somewhere where he wouldn't find it, but I disregarded his comment and did the usual of burying it next to their house. Now I've just gotta wait a couple of weeks until he asks me to dig it up again.

Again, I played before midday, so I was able to get both prices for the day. They weren't great, but they were definitely better than yesterdays prices. I'm sticking to my guy feeling by saying that this is going to be a low week.

After leaving Re-Tail, I saw Bree and decided to speak to her. She wanted me to come over to her house later today, which meant a set time. So as usual, I had to decline her request, and she seemed a little assive aggressive when I declined. I'm sorry I had to, but I'd forget otherwise.

Hide and seek might be the newest trend on Skyfall (step aside fruit requests), because once again, I got invited to play a game of hide and seek, this time by Beardo. We gathered at the plaza and he brought along Bree and Rosie. I was given 10 minutes to find all three villagers, which I managed to do, earning myself a green lamp.

And just as I thought my villagers had moved on from wanting fruit, to wanting a game of hide and seek, Frobert requested I fetch him a piece perfect fruit. I was going to decline it since I don't plan on keeping Frobert, and didn't want to waste a perfect apple on him, but decided against it, getting him what he wanted. He was happy to receive a perfect apple and gave me a small space shuttle.

Unrelated News
Eh, a decent day I guess... I would've liked to get a little more done, but no one was in a talkative mood and offered no requests, and now that it's been two days since Freya moved out, I've got to keep an eye out for the next moving villager, because I'm still paranoid they'll pull a Mira (and damn forgot to take a pic of Skyfall's map, again...), and I don't want it to be anyone who I love. Anyway, now I'm gonna go play some MH (hopefully?), eat dinner, and wait for The X Factor to start. Cya!


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