Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 411

Last Nights Caper
After watching The X Factor I just did the usual of YouTube videos and such. I also watched a few episodes of Orphan Black.

Day 411

Beau had moved past the days of wanting his weeping figs replaced, and instead now wants his dog house replaced with something else. I don't think the dog house is as much as a vital piece to his house as his weeping figs are, so I did consider replacing it, but there was nothing that would look nice in the shops today, so like most villagers do when they want a new piece of furniture, he didn't get anything.

Ricky wanted me to come over to his house right away, but whilst taking Ricky there I saw a banded dragonfly, which I decided to catch. In the process, Ricky got stuck behind some bushes, and eventually got annoyed at me, and told me not to bother... Oops... At least I caught the banded dragonfly!

Beardo told me that someone had placed their plot down, and we should be getting a new villager soon. It wasn't too long before I found the plot, which was near where Mira's house used to be, and belonged to Agnes. I'm not sure what type of villager Agnes is. I know once I see her (I'm assuming she's a girl?), I'm sure I'll know who she is, but off the top of my head, I have no idea who Agnes it (chicken? duck?? sheep??? I think she might be a sheep idk), and don't want to google it as I want it to be a surprise. Now that someone else has moved in I think someone will request to leave in the coming days, so I've gotta keep an eye out for that.

There's supposed to be a meteor shower forecast for tonight, but I really don't think I'll go on to see it. It has been a long time since I last saw one, but unless I actually have reason to play tonight, I probably wont go on to see it.

And whilst we're talking about weather effect in the sky, Rosie reminded me of the fireworks festival this upcoming Sunday. I honestly can't believe that tomorrow it's August already... Like I seriously remember July 1st like it was only a week ago, heck, even June 1st wasn't that long ago... This year sure is going fast! (but that's good because that means MH4U will be here sooner heoaheoha).

Turnips today were a bit of a sad story - well not really - but I did play before midday again, but I totally forgot to check the prices until the afternoon, so I was only able to get the PM prices, which were pretty decent. Makes me wonder what the morning prices may have been.

Rosie and Benjamin wanted to play house - Rosie wanted me to come over, and Benjamin wanted to visit me. Unfortunately for Rosie, she wanted a set time (after 1pm like really, it was 45 minutes away...), so I didn't get to visit her, but Benjamin was keen to visit right away, so I happily took him over to my house. He stayed for a little longer than he usually does, so maybe he's found a home feel to my house since he always likes coming over.

Unrelated News
Well today was a somewhat decent day. I need to remember to get a pic of Skyfall's current map tomorrow when Agnes moves in, but I'll probably forget. I also wanna do a little more landscaping but I'm always too lazy and have no ideas on what I should do, so I might have to visit a few Dream Addresses in the near future, and I'll make sure to blog about them. Anyway, now it's time to take my night easy. Cya!


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