Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 412

Last Nights Caper
I just watched some more Orphan Black. I'll probably finish S2 tonight (or at least I'm hoping to). Then I have to find another TV show to watch lol.

Day 412

The first thing I wanted to do today was rush over to Agnes' house to see what type of villager she was. The more I thought about it, the more and more I unconvinced myself she was a sheep - and she wasn't, she was a pig. Agnes is Skyfall's... third pig villager I believe? Gala and Chops being first and second respectively. I actually really like Agnes (more than Gala), I think she's really cute, but I don't think I'll end up keeping her. Regardless, I look forward to seeing her around Skyfall in the coming days.

After leaving Agnes' house I crossed paths with Tia, who wanted a new piece of furniture. This time, she didn't want to have anything replaced, she simply just wanted a new piece of furniture. I checked around the stores for anything that would suit her house, but there was nothing.

Making my way around Skyfall, I eventually reached the plaza, where Redd had put up his tent. As usual, I entered and browsed his artworks. I was too lazy this week to double check the real/fake paintings, so I went off memory, so sorry if I put the descriptions wrong.

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Fake - the centered people should be on opposite sides

Fake - her other hand should be on top

Real - the towel only goes over one shoulder

Frobert yet again wanted me to fetch him a piece of perfect fruit (at least I think it was him who wanted one recently.. it was either him or Beardo). I did consider giving him a perfect apple, but I didn't want to waste my supply on villagers I'm not too fussed on, so I headed over to the perfect cherry trees and grabbed him one of those, he gave me a clothesline pole.

I totally forgot that at the start of August, the Nookling's begin stocking fireworks for the fireworks show. Today they had a sparkler and a fountain firework in stock, but I didn't buy any, and I don't plan on buying any either.

And as for villager visits, Bree wanted me to visit her, but she wanted a set time, so sorry about that, and Benjamin... AGAIN... I swear, all he does it want to come over to my house... Is he secretly a spy snooping for something in my house? But thankfully, he wanted to do a set time, so I declined his 40234th invite to my house.

Unrelated News
Eh... today was a mediocre day in Skyfall I guess... Not a lot happened so... Also, it's kinda cold here, and I noticed my keyboard was playing up, specifically the shift, P, and K keys, so if there's any non-capital letters, or missing letters, it's probably a K or P. I did try my best to fix them up as I blogged, but I can't be bothered to read over again so I'm not sure if I've missed any. Cya!


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