Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 416

Last Nights Caper
By the time The Amazing Race and X Factor finished it was pretty late so I just went to sleep.

Day 416

I think I may have gotten a tan? Idk, when I was playing today I thought I was a little tanner than normal, but seeing this photo, I'm not too sure. I'll compare it with another photo after this post (though I said that about the bamboo color like a week ago and I never did...).
Beau had a package he needed to be delivered to Bree, as it had been delivered to his by mistake, and he was very tempted to open it up, so asked if I could do it for him. I was more than happy to take it to Bree for him, and began to track down Bree. I soon found her and handed her the gift, which was actually bought with the intention of being given to me, which held a yellow-bar tee.

Since Bree was near Re-Tail I decided to stop by and do the usual duties. Whilst there I noticed a cassette player up for sale, which  belonged to Rosie... I really don't like villager houses that don't have music playing inside, so I bought it and mailed it back to Rosie. I also checked turnip prices whilst there, but they were pretty low (played after midday so only got the PM prices).

Continuing around Skyfall, I made my way over to the plaza and noticed the campsite was in use. I walked inside awaiting to see which villager would be camped inside, and it was Yuka the koala. I don't really like her that much so I didn't ask her to move in.

I made my way down to the police station to see what was going on, where Booker told me the campsite was in use. I spoke to him again and he informed me Gulliver had washed ashore. I headed down to the beach to look for the lost seagull, and woke him up, listening to his gibberish, before being told what he could remember to help send him on his way. My options were:
- Italy
- England
- France

I came across Benjamin (Skyfall's biggest house nut), and he once again wanted to do a home visit, but this time he wanted me to visit him. Since he wanted me over right away I decided to head on over. I got inside and didnt stay for that long as his house didn't really interest me, but just as I was about to leave, I remembered I could bring up the "want to buy anything" dialogue, and maybe score a piece of sloppy furniture. I got him to bring up the dialogue, and found that his sloppy sofa, bed, and sink were all for sale. I liked the sofa the best, so I bought that for a nice price.

Finally, I came across Frobert, who wanted to play a game of hide and seek. He gathered Bree and Beardo at the plaza, and they all hid. I wasn't able to find Frobert though, so I didn't get any prices. I had a hard time finding him yesterday, too, I think it's because he's so small, and since he's green he blends in. I honestly walked through Skyfall three times and couldn't find him...

Unrelated News
I'm still waiting for someone to request to leave... It's been a while now and no one has asked... I really don't want one of my favorites pulling a Mira and leaving outta the blue... Hopefully someone'll ask to leave tomorrow, so I can relax until the moving date comes. Now I'm gonna wait around for The X Factor to start. Cya!


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