Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 423

Last Nights Caper
I just watched The X Factor pretty sure. I feel like I did something else too but I can't remember.

Day 423

To start off the day, Beau wanted me to visit him as an excuse for him to clean his house. He gathered if I was coming over he'd be inspired to clean him house. Sadly for Beau, he wanted to do it at a set time, and I didn't plan on playing for that long, and I probably would've forgotten, so I had to decline his invitation.

Similarly, Rosie had the same idea as Beau, except she wanted to visit me instead. Much like Beau, hers was a set time arrangement, so I had to decline her invite, too.

Today I started playing before midday, and had stopped playing before midday hit, so I was only able to get the morning prices, which weren't that high. I guess putting yesterdays high and today's low prices together, looks like it'll be a random week.

I got word of Benjamin that Bree had caught a cold, so I rushed over to check for myself, and she indeed was sick. I left Bree's house and made my way up to Main Street, checking out the stores and buying anything that bought my interest, as well as buying some medicine for Bree. I then returned to Skyfall, handing Bree her first dose of medicine.

Agnes had certainly made herself at home in Skyfall, but of course, there's one more initiation ceremony that must take place before you can become a typical Skyfall resident, which is asking for a free feed. Agnes wanted me to get her a piece of perfect fruit, which I was more than happy to do and grabber her a perfect apple, and she gave me her dotted wall in return.

Unrelated News
That's about it for today. Tia did buy my amethyst for 2,400 bells, and also request something to replace her regal lamp, but I felt that was kinda boring so I left it out of today's post. Frobert is also leaving tomorrow so I guess that's a good thing, I can't wait to see who Skyfall's next villager will be. And I really need to get around to landscaping. I've just gotta set one day down, after I've done my daily gameplay, and just landscape Skyfall so that I'm happy with how it looks, but when that'll be... who knows. Cya!


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