Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 424

Last Nights Caper
Yeah, I don't remember lol.

Day 424

Today, being the 13th, meant that Frobert was leaving Skyfall. So naturally, the first thing I did today was head on over to his house to wish him farewell so I could continue on with my day. I never really got the chance to know Frobert, as I think he was only in town for a month or two, but it'll be sad not seeing the cute frog around town (but I defs wont miss his stealth during hide and seek games, lol).

Ricky had something that belonged to Beardo that he wanted returning and was too embarrassed to do it himself, and asked if I could give it to him. I didn't really have anything else to do so I happily took it off Ricky's handed and tracked down Beardo to give it to him, and earned myself an exquisite rug.

On my way over to find Beardo, I saw Redd had set his tent up at the plaza, so after I delivered the gift to Beardo, I ran back up to the plaza and entered his tent. He had the usual, four artworks, one of them being real (and the real one wasn't what I needed), but I bought it anyway, hoping I can one day trade it for the last piece I need.

Fake - it should have two children

Fake - the Gods should be on opposite sides

Real - Mt. Fuji is the correct size

Fake - she is too tall

Over at Re-Tail, the PM turnip prices were reasonable (I was awake way before midday buy I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed until late, so I wasn't able to check the morning prices). 131 is still a decent price (well, for Skyfall, anyway), and it is only Wednesday, so I'm curious to see how they'll go for the rest of the week.

I almost totally forgot that Bree was sick, but remembered just in time, and headed up to Main Street to get her some medicine. She's now had two doses, just one more and she'll be fine - ready for the bug off and fireworks show this coming weekend!

That was just about it for today, except that I found Katie wandering around town. I didn't have anyone online to give her to so I sadly had to leave her alone.

Luckily for Katie, about an hour later I got a message from someone who had an item I've been after for a long time. I asked if I could visit their town instead of the plan to come visit mine, as I had Katie, and they kindly agreed. Tomorrow I should get a gift from Katie in the mail, and here's hoping it's something I've yet to receive.

Unrelated News
Yeah I was happy about today, especially happy I was able to take Katie somewhere (as I barely ever have her, and when I do have her, there's no one to give her to). I was also considering doing some landscaping, but I didn't get around to that... I really should though. Anyway, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now, but I'll find something. Cya!


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