Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 425

Last Nights Caper
Well I've started watching Pokemon again since I've found nothing interesting to do, so that's all I did.

Day 425

In my mail box was a letter from Katie, with the usual "thank you" message, and a gift attached. I was really hoping the gift was something I haven't received from Katie yet, but it contained a toy camera, which I have received multiple times in the past. Better than nothing, though.

After stashing my new toy camera away in my storage I left my house and headed over to Beau's house as he was home to see what was happening. He wanted me to bring Tia over for some reason, so I left, and went out to find Tia. She wasn't too hard to find, and I spoke to her, telling her Beau wanted her presence. Turned out Beau wanted to invite Tia over... to clean... But Tia didn't see much mess in Beau's house, and left shortly afterwards. He gave me a rather appropriate trash bin as a reward.

Over at Re-Tail, turnips were going for a decent 132 bells (don't now about the morning prices), and Tia had put her regal lamp u for sale. As usual, I bought it out and mailed it to her (at least I think I mailed it to her, I don't remember if I did or not).

I continued progressing around Skyfall and eventually made my way over to the police station, where Booker informed me Gulliver had washed ashore. I left the station and made my way down to the beaches to find him. It took him a while to wake up (longer than usual), but once I did he was back to his talkative and exaggerating self. He wanted me to let him know where he was going, and I knew the answer was a toss up between two options, and I went with the one I didn't think was the answer (because I'm usually wrong), but turns out that was the wrong answer (I picked Norway pretty sure as I was too lazy to google today). My options were:
- Norway
- Denmark
- Japan

Much like yesterday, I forgot Bree was sick today, but managed to remember just in time. I think this is her third dose, so she should be all fine by tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get her pic as a reward, but I've got enough of Bree's pics, so I wouldn't mind something else as a reward.

And to end my day, Tia wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit. I rushed over to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple, and handed that to her. I was really hoping to get her pic in return, but I got a boring old basketball hoop.

Unrelated News
Yea that was about it for today. Not much happened but I didn't really expect a lot to happen for some reason. I probably should've landscaped or something, but I wasn't really feeling it. Now I'm just gonna continue watching Pokemon, lol. Cya!

R.I.P Frobert


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