Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 426

Last Nights Caper
I just watched some more episodes of Pokemon, other than that, nothing much.

Day 426

Rosie was out enjoying what was left of the sun before the rain hit, so I went to check up on her to see how she was, and she was hungry (as most of my villagers usually are), and wanted me to get her a piece of fruit, specifically, an apple. Luckily for her, I've got a stash of perfect apples, so I was able to give her one of those. As always, she was happier to receive the perfect apple as opposed to a regular apple, and gave me a black katana (I think this is rare?).

Next stop was Beau's house, who reminded me of the bug off, which would be happening tomorrow. I'm not too worried about the bug off itself, I'm more worried about remembering to go to K.K. Slider afterwards. I did that last bug off and I felt like it made the day more interesting, as it wasn't limited to just the bug off. Hopefully I'll remember.

Making my way around Skyfall, I found a lost item on the northern bridge. I had a hunch that it would take me forever to find the owner, but I managed to find it on my second try, being Beau. He was happy to have his lost mitten returned to him, and rewarded me with a deer shirt.

Re-Tails turnip prices were pointless, at 71 bells apiece. Again, I didn't get the chance to check the morning prices, which I should probably get back into doing, because it was a lot easier to pick the trends back then. After learning the turnip prices, I noticed Ricky had put his watering trough up for sale, so I bought it and mailed it back to him (also turns out I never mailed Tia's regal lamp to her, either, so I sent that today, too).

And to end my day, both Beardo and Benjamin were adamant on home visits. Beardo wanted me to visit him, and Benjamin wanted to come visit me (like always, the snoop). Fortunately, both were set times, Beardo wanted me over at 2:30, which was over an hour away, and I didn't even bother to check Benjamin's desired him, but it was probably something horrible.

Unrelated News
I swore I did more today but I guess not, oh well. I couldn't find Bree so I was unable to obtain her reward for helping her get better, and I still need to update the map (since Frobert's house is now gone), and when I do that I'll update my villagers list. At least now with Frobert gone I can relax until someone new decides to move in. Now I'm gonna go watch Pokemon (trying to binge watch to the end of the Hoenn arc to try get me hyped for ORAS but it's not really working). Cya!


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