Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 430

Last Nights Caper
Just watched Pokemon. I've almost finished the Johto league, so I'm almost at Hoenn (think I've only got about 10 episodes left), hoping I can get that done tonight.

Day 430

I was out for the whole day so I didn't get time to play until the evening, which doesn't bother me, because it's always nice to see the game at a different time of day. Once I started playing, Agnes pinged me, she started off with what seemed like "moving out" dialogue, but the more she spoke, the more I was convinced it wasn't moving out dialogue, but in the end, she told me she planned on moving out in the 24th. I didn't really plan on keeping Agnes, I just wished she was in town a little longer, but I decided to let her go.

I thought it was weird Agnes had asked to move out since no one else had moved in, but as I made my way around Skyfall, I noticed a house plot, belonging to Timbra. Now I'm not 100% sure which animal Timbra is, but I think she (I'm assuming she's a girl, sorry if she isn't), is a sheep. It's been a while since we had a sheep villager (the last one being Frita, who I wasn't that bigger fan of), hopefully Timbra gives me a different impression, if she is a sheep, of course.

Moving on, I came across Beardo, who wanted me to get him something to go on top of his rococo table. Again, it didn't cross my mind that I don't plan on keeping him, so keeping his house close to it's original state doesn't bother me, but I forgot, so I didn't get him anything.

Re-Tail was buying turnips for 99 bells, which isn't that great, but it's only Tuesday afternoon. If I had time to play in the morning I could've got the AM prices and maybe it'd be easier for me to find the trends, but from the two prices I've got so far, looks like it's going to be a random week.

And finally, to end my day, Bree wanted me to get her a piece of fruit, and let's face it, it wouldn't be a normal day in Skyfall without someone wanting me to get them fruit, or play hide and seek with them. I headed over to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple, hoping I'd receive her pic in return, since I've not received a villager pic in a long time now, but she gave me a clear body model.

Unrelated News
Yeah, today was a boring-ish day today, but that was due to me being busy for the majority of it, and by the time I had some spare time, the last thing I felt like doing was playing AC, but at least I learned that Agnes planned on moving, so I can relax the next few days (maybe do some landscaping, but I doubt it lol). Now to continue watching Pokemon. Cya!


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