Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 431

Last Nights Caper
I just watched some more Pokemon, I didn't finish the Johto League like I planned though, hopefully I'll get that done tonight.

Day 431

There was a lovely rainbow in the sky today, totally did not expect that, but it was really nice to see one as soon as I started playing. We don't usually get a lot of rainbows, and when we do, I usually stop playing not long after they appear.

After I spent some time looking at the rainbow I headed over to the house of Skyfall's newest resident, Timbra, who was in fact a sheep. I still don't know if I like her more than Frita right now... It is only her first day in Skyfall after all. I guess in time she'll grow on me and then I can see who I like better.

After leaving Timbra's house I made my way over to the police station to check with Booker if anyone was in Skyfall today, and he told me that Gulliver had washed ashore. As usual, I rushed down to the beaches to find him, woke him up, listened to his tales, and then helped send him on his way. This week I managed to guess correctly without Google's help. My options were:
- France
- Austria

- Belgium
- Germany

Leaving Gulliver aside, I headed over to Re-Tail to check the afternoon prices (no morning prices today, either), which were at a decent 126 bells apiece. Upon leaving Re-Tail I stumbled across Bree, who wanted me to come over, but I had to decline her invitation, as she wanted to do it at a set time.

Ricky had something he wanted me to deliver to Beau which he had left at his place, and asked if I could return it to him, of course, I didn't have anything better to do, so I happily took it off his hands and went searching for Beau. Once I found him, I handed him the gift, which contained a vegetarian shirt, which he'd already replaces, so he gave me the extra one as a reward.

Before I gave Beau the gift though, he told me it was the right time to dig up the time capsule I buried for him some time ago (which I actually remember burying this time). I went over to his house to find the spot where I buried it, digging it up, and returned it to Beau. Inside was his beige knit shirt, which he gave to me as a reward.

Finally, to end my day, I entered Tia's house, who wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit, a peach to be exact. I had some spare peaches in my storage from the last time one of my villagers asked for a peach, so I pulled one of those out, and returned to Tia's house. She was happy to receive a peach, and gave me a robo-wall.

Unrelated News
Well that was my day, a lot better than yesterday if you ask me, and I'm fairly happy with what I got done today. Now I'm gonna go watch Pokemon and hopefully get onto the Hoenn series by the end of the day, but I have a really short attention span, so not too sure if that'll happen. Cya!


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