Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 427 & 428

Day 427

Before I started the bug off I had a few other things to do first, namely check the turnip prices. I was able to get both morning and afternoon prices, due to the bug off in the morning, and ceremony in the evening, but neither of the prices were any good.

Additionally, the bulletin board also once again informed me of the fireworks show this Sunday, which I had totally forgotten about.

The Bug Off

You all know how this works by now (I hope). You catch bugs, you hand them in, and you hope to place and get a reward. I spent a good 30 minutes running around Skyfall looking for a decent bug, but found none, all I could find were the annoying cicadas, none of them even got me on the charts.

At this point I was getting pretty bored, because literally nothing was spawning in Skyfall other than cicadas, so I decided to try my luck on the island. I paid 1,000 bells for a trip to the island, and was able to catch two agrias and a birdwing butterfly, as well as a mantis. Not bad for a quick 3 minutes.

With my new bugs in hand, I took them over to Nat for the appraisal. The first one managed to score my first place, beating out Ricky's 50-pointer, and he set me the challenge of handing him a bug worth 80 points or more in exchange for a piece of bug furniture. With my remaining bugs I managed to beat his challenge twice, earning myself a butterfly wall and a beetle chair.

With my first place victory basically in the bag, I waited around for 6pm to hit so I could attend the ceremony.

After the bug off ceremony I remembered to hit up Club LOL to watch K.K. Slider perform, and I guess Zucker had the same idea too as he was there. As usual, I let K.K. chose the song, and he played K.K. Steppe, giving me a copy of the song after he'd preformed it.

Day 428

I'm gonna be totally honest, this is probably the most boring day I've had, EVER. No joke. Seriously nothing happened, so if you wanna skip to the Unrelated News section, feel free, because you're not missing out on anything...
Rosie had a stone wall which she wanted to sell to me for 960 bells since I'd apparently been after one, but I told her I wasn't interested in buying it, and she decided to hand it to me for free. Not long after, Beardo popped up, wondering if he could trade my newly obtained stone wall for his blue plaid tee, which I decided to do for the sake of it.

Joan was in town, as it was a Sunday morning, and she was selling turnips for 97 bells apiece. Tbh It's a decent price for her to be selling them, but as I've no need for money, I didn't get any.

And whilst doing my daily duties at Re-Tail, I noticed Ricky had put his wooden box up for sale, so I bought that out, and plan on mailing it to him in the coming days.

Unrelated News
First of all, sorry for no post yesterday. I went out for dinner in the city with friends, and we were out longer than I anticipated, and by the time I got home, the last thing I felt like doing was sleeping. I planned on blogging in the morning, but since I had a busy night, I slept in, and by the time I woke up and got ready, I had just under an hour left before I was going out for lunch with my friends, so I didn't want to blog in that time, so instead I just did a double-day post (and sorry for the boring Sunday post). Now it's time to enjoy the fireworks festival, and have a nice, easy night, after two busy days. Cya!


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