Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 446

Last Nights Caper
I've said before that I include this section because I link things being orderly and such, but I've now decided not to include it unless I actually play that night. Instead I'll put anything off topic in the Unrelated News section.

Day 446

Exactly like I predicted yesterday, today was the day Timbra was leaving Skyfall. I still find it weird that ever since Mira left, Agnes, and now Timbra have all left Skyfall after being in town for a very short time... I'm not really complaining since I like cycling through villagers because I like having a large variety of villagers stop by Skyfall, but I do find this weird. 

Re-Tails turnip prices are nothing to stare at either, a mere 36 bells a piece. Granted, I didn't check the morning prices, but comparing today's and yesterday's PM prices, looks like it's a declining trend this week. Beau had also put his picnic table up for sale, which I bought out and mailed back to him.

I usually forget when my villagers are sick, but today when I was at The Nookling's I actually remembered Rosie was sick, and bought her some medicine, and didn't have to go back to buy it. I headed back to Skyfall to hand her her medicine, now having received three doses, she should be all better tomorrow.

Bree wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit, so I headed over to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple. Right now I've only got one perfect apple left, so I need to work on getting some more. I have been lazy with AC lately and don't really feel motivated to get some more foreign perfect fruit, but I know in the long run it'll really help me out. Anyway, I handed Bree a perfect apple and she gave me a manor wall.

I totally forgot about the police station today, I went there to check the lost and found, but I forgot to ask if anyone was in town. Luckily, just as I was about to stop playing, I stumbled across Saharah and took her over to my house for a 3,000 bells makeover. Unfortunately, she didn't give me any exclusives (I don't think), and earned a simple mosaic tile and parlor wall.

Unrelated News
September already and damn that went fast. It's now September 4th and only feels like the 1st was yesterday... But I'm not bothered by it, September gives us Hyrule Warriors, as well as the Tokyo Game Show, where I'm hoping for some more MH4U footage (and ORAS footage as a bonus??). Coro coro also leaks in about a week iirc, so I'm also looking forward to that. Them October we have MH4G (or MH4U, whatever you wanna refer to it as) releasing in Japan, and then ORAS releasing worldwide in November, so I'm looking forward to the coming months. Anyway, now to continue watching Pokemon. Cya!


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